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30 June 2017

Exploring trends and getting a take on the future

The annual KU LOM conference took place at the Mærsk Tower, Panum Institute on 20-21 June. We would like to thank the organizing committee, all participants, hosts, speakers, young researchers and the two invited keynote speakers Jean-Philippe and Rebecca for their contributions.

The bubble

Ulla Wewer, Dean at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, opened the conference with an encouragement to the audience to make use of their interdisciplinary research spirit and methods and to follow their curiosity.

In her speech, Ulla Wewer recognised the LOM-platform as an excellent example of how to foster a sense of community, to raise scientific awareness about a specific cross-disciplinary research theme and to establish a culture that can inspire across fields and across topics.

“All of this – the combination of different scientific perspectives, the complexity of issues in front of us, and the sense of community – is what we bring with us into this conference, where, for a short time, we be enclosed in a bubble. We slow down time and use all of our energy to understand, to ask profound questions and to become inspired.” - Dean Ulla Wewer, opening speech

You can read to whole speech here.

Dr. Sleep

Dr. Jean Phillippe Chaput gave the first keynote presentation, The Creeping Sleepidemic. on the importance of sleeping well, reducing screen time, moving more and eating a balanced diet, all behaviors that we often see as the recipe for a healthy lifestyle. In the interdisciplinary context, one of JP’s key messages was that these lifestyle behaviours also interact and influence one another, and he emphasized the importance of embracing a holistic approach to health, one that integrates multiple behaviours.

How families eat

Dr. Rebecca O’Connel, head of the European Research Council-funded Food in Hard Times study, presented the case of UK, where food banks have proliferated, and the number of food parcels handed out to families has risen dramatically. Three narratives of families were used to illustrate how food budgets are constrained, how families manage and how experiences and practices vary within and between households. The conceptualization of food poverty and food itself can have both practical and political consequences.

Panel debate with keynote speakers

The usual suspects and new friends

For this conference we were especially pleased to present the eight parallel sessions, each hosted by a pair of researchers and with a total of 36 presentations from junior and senior scientist from UCPH, RegH, DTU and more. As noted in the dean’s speech, the presentations covered the LOM field in the broadest sense, from the tiniest building blocks of the human body over the connection between mind and body to the patterns of human interaction and societal discourses.

We were pleased to see researchers returning to LOM conferences year after year, and to see new researchers among the presenters and participants.

Thank you for spending the day with us in the interdisciplinary LOM bubble!

We hope to see you all for the KU LOM Conference in 2018.
Venue, date and theme will be announced in the LOM newsletter.

Summer greetings

Bente, Camilla, Nicolai and Nynne

Dinner in the Mærsk tower