Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic Research - strategic platform – University of Copenhagen

The strategic platform for Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic research has closed down

From 2014 to 2018, the University of Copenhagen’s Strategic Platform for Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic Research (UCPH LOM) supported collaboration and helped develop a shared identity across a fast-growing and highly diverse university. We supported networks and helped young researchers find a career path, and we helped the university attract external funding by providing bespoke services at every step of the value chain. The office has had a hand in everything from input to Horizon 2020 topics and Horizon Europe missions to the last frantic changes to a grant proposal in the closing seconds before deadline.

The UCPH LOM support office enjoyed the great privilege to be able to roam freely, and to provide whatever assistance was called for throughout the organisation, and to serve as a supplement to the other research support offices at departmental, faculty and university levels. We were allowed to develop and test new methods and tools, and to learn from our mistakes, and we tried to share ours and others' best practices across the university. The final report, where we present the results, successes and failures of the platform, can be found, along with the reports and work programs from the previous years, on the Annual reports page.

With the end of 2018, UCPH LOM has run its course. Thank you for all your contributions.

On behalf of the LOM executive board
Professor Bente Stallknecht
Head of UCPH LOM

The executive board comprised:

Professor Bente Stallknecht was the chairwoman of the executive board
Professor Arne Astrup represented the Faculty of Sciences
Associate professor Astrid Pernille Jespersen represented the Faculty of Humanities
Professor Mette Hartlev represented the Faculty of Law
Professor Karsten Vrangbæk represented the Faculty of Social Sciences
Associate professor Johanne Stubbe Teglbjærg represented the Faculty of Theology
Professor Thue W. Schwartz represented the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Professor Erik Richter represented the Faculty of Sciences