About UCPH LOM – University of Copenhagen



The UCPH strategic platform for Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic research

In September 2014, the LOM research support unit was established with the aim to formulate and effectuate strategies in the research field of lifestyle, obesity and metabolism.

Experience has shown that many of the university's greatest successes came about when management acted on an unforeseen opportunity, which is why the UCPH LOM provides bespoke support with scientific and administrative challenges and opportunities as and when they occur across the entire University of Copenhagen.

The strategic platform for Lifestyle, Obesity and Metabolic Research (UCPH LOM) is the first of its kind at the University of Copenhagen, so there is no prior experience to draw on. For the platform to perform the best and stay dynamic, it must remain flexible and responsive to changing situations. The aims and agenda for the office are outlined in the 1-page presentation on the right.

The research support unit builds upon and continues the successful research support carried out in UNIK ‘Food, Fitness & Pharma’. This process is described in more detail on the Background page.

A number of national and international organisations work in the same field, and have provided inspiration and useful guidance for the research support office and for our stakeholders. We have collected many of these on the page LOM-related resources.

As the office is designed to adapt to changing circumstances and to learn from experience, we produce both an annual report and a work program. Both types of documents are available at the page UCPH LOM work programs.