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This calendar comprises events concerning lifestyle, obesity and metabolism as well as events arranged by the UCPH LOM support unit and young investigators' networks. Previous events from the UCPH LOM can be found here.

If you know of an event that would fit in the UCPH LOM calender, please email Martha.

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  • 20 August 2018, 09:00-18:00

    Symposium om hel-genom sekventering med henblik på tidligt forebyggende sundhedsindsatser

    Der er i stigende grad fokus på potentialerne i personlig og skræddersyet behandling og forebyggelse både blandt forskere, klinikere, politikere og borgere. Potentialet for at kortlægge alle individets gener (såkaldt hel-genom sekventering) er stort og lovende i forhold til målrettet forebyggelse og behandling af sygdom. » Read more

  • 21 August - 24 August 2018

    PhD course: Exercise, health and social science: Current approaches, future challenges

    The aim of the course is to provide PhD students with more in depth knowledge about research on how social scientific inquiry has been used to study the link between sport, exercise and health. » Read more

  • 22 August 2018, 14:30-16:00

    The two Yale-professors Arietta Slade and Lois Sadler visit Denmark for a talk about the project ’Minding the Baby’

    Hvordan sikrer vi, at babyer, der bliver født og vokser op i udsatte familier, trives godt?. ’Minding the Baby’ kan være en del af svaret.  Indsatsen er rettet mod gravide med udfordringer som for eksempel misbrug, traumer og psykiske lidelser. I løbet af graviditeten og barnets første to år får familien støtte af et team, som består af en sundhedsplejerske og en familieterapeut. » Read more

  • 23 August 2018, 14:00-18:00

    Symposium: Future perspectives, beyond whole genome sequencing in neonatal screening

    The aim of this symposium is to present and reflect upon the important role of proteomics, metagenomics, and other omics technologies in refining the information obtained by WGS and the potentials and need for Artificial Intelligence in analysing and learning from the WGS and other omics data. » Read more

  • 28 August 2018, 13:00-16:00

    Informationsmøde med Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond

    ​Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond besøger KU til et informationsarrangement for alle ansatte. Kom og hør om ansøgningsmulighederne i Danmarks Frie Forskningsfonds nye opslag for Efterår 2018/ Forår 2019.
    » Read more

  • 29 August - 1 September 2018

    Conference: Consumption and consumerism: Conceptual and empirical sociological challenges

    This mid-term conference encourages participants to reflect upon the relations, overlaps, ambivalences and paradoxes between mundane and deliberate forms of consumption. Call for papers is now open. » Read more

  • 30 August 2018, 15:00-16:00

    Steno Rounds: Brugerinvolvering

    På Steno Rounds i august vil Kirsten Lomborg, professor i brugerinvolvering og seniorforsker i Sundhedsfremme holde et foredrag med denne titel: Vi snakker om brugerinvolvering, men hvad kommer der ud af det? Erfaringer fra Det Brugerinddragende Hospital i Aarhus. » Read more

  • 3 September - 6 September 2018

    Summer School on Diabetes and Metabolism

    The aim of the course is to introduce PhD students to the many aspects of diabetes and molecular metabolism and to introduce members of the Danish Diabetes Academy to each other, thus creating a good opportunity for networking. Last but not least to give the PhD students a chance to present their work.  » Read more

  • 3 September - 4 September 2018

    H2020 Health Brokerage Event

    Save the date! This international brokerage event will help you to build your consortium for 2019 updated calls of the 2018-2020 Health work programme, which will be open until April 2019. » Read more

  • 6 September - 7 September 2018

    The UK Congress on Obesity

    Congress Theme: Preconception to Pension: Obesity through the Life Course. » Read more

  • 12 September 2018, 09:00-16:00

    Tidlig indsats - hvad virker?

    Der bliver talt meget om tidlige indsatser for gravide, småbørn og familier, men hvad ved vi egentlig om tidlig indsats og hvad der virker? » Read more

  • 22 September - 25 September 2018

    International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides (Abstract submission 15 March!)

    The International Regulatory Peptides Society have released their flyer for the 22nd International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides to be held in Acapulco, Mexico on September 22-25, 2018. » Read more

  • 28 September - 1 October 2018

    GOAL: Genetics of Adiposity, Leipzig

    The GOAL meeting is dedicated to the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary research on obesity, integrating various aspects of genetic research including identification and functional analyses of genes for complex traits, their evolution, up to the potential translation of this knowledge in medicine.  » Read more

  • 1 October - 5 October 2018

    EASD Annual meeting

    The EASD leadership looks forward to welcoming you to Messe Berlin Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin 1st Oct to 5th Oct, 2018. It is the future of endocrinology to improve science, knowledge and health and advance endocrinology. EASD will bring together thousands of Research Scholars, Students, healthcare professionals ,Libraries, Educational Institutions, Research centers and the industry are main stakeholders that benefitted greatly from this knowledge. » Read more

  • 3 October 2018, 19:30-22:30

    EASD 2018 networking event

    Danish Diabetes Academy and the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) invite young researchers, PhD students, Post Docs and their PIs, for a networking event on 3 October 2018 during the EASD conference in Berlin. The event will hold a networking dinner (finger foods and drinks) at a nice restaurant in the middle of Berlin. » Read more

  • 15 October - 17 October 2018

    7th International Society for Physical Activity and Health Congress (ISPAH)

    The world’s flagship physical activity and public health congress is coming to London for the first time, attended by over 1000 representatives from across the continents. » Read more

  • 25 October - 27 October 2018


    The Banting and Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC), Joslin Diabetes Center (Joslin) and University of Copenhagen (UCPH) are hosting their fifth joint symposium, 26-27 October 2018 at University of Copenhagen in Denmark, with the topic “Prevention of Beta Cell Dysfunction in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Role of Inter-organ Communication”. The three institutions  have long been at the heart of global diabetes research, and this meeting seeks to build on that long tradition to bring together prominent researchers but also young researchers from across the globe and to foster greater cross-institutional research in the field of diabetes. » Read more

  • 25 October 2018, 08:30-17:00

    Clinical Metabolomics Copenhagen 2018 – Conference and Workshops

    Discover and learn about the newest and most cutting edge methods, technologies, and analyses in the field of metabolomics with a particular emphasis on clinical metabolomics with this event that brings together both local experts in the Copenhagen region as well as experts from around the world, providing participants an immense networking opportunity to establish new and potentially fruitful collaborations.
    » Read more

  • 25 October 2018, 09:00-17:300

    Training day for young researchers

    Danish Diabetes Academy is hosting their second Training Day for young researchers prior to the 5th joint symposium of Banting and Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC), Joslin Diabetes Center (Joslin) and University of Copenhagen (UCPH) at University of Copenhagen in Denmark, with the topic Prevention of Beta Cell Dysfunction in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Role of Inter-organ Communication.  » Read more

  • 26 October - 27 October 2018

    Conference: Prevention of beta cell dysfunction in T1D and T2D

    The Banting and Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC), Joslin Diabetes Center (Joslin) and University of Copenhagen (UCPH) are hosting their fifth joint symposium, 26-27 October 2018 at University of Copenhagen. » Read more

  • 1 November 2018, 08:00-16:30

    Steno Diabetes Center: National diabetes konference 2018

    ​På konferencen deles den nyeste viden samt styrke grundlaget for samarbejde på tværs og øge kvaliteten af den danske diabetesbehandling. » Read more

  • 9 November - 10 November 2018

    DSAF annual meeting 2018 “Obesity: Mood, food and the liver”

    The DSAF Board nvites to the annual meeting, this time in Nyborg. The theme this year is 'Obesity: Mood, food, and the liver' and the programme includes exciting lectures from leading researchers. » Read more

  • 12 November - 16 November 2018

    PhD course: Vascular Function and Angiogenesis in Health and Lifestyle Related Disease

    The purpose of the PhD course is to present and discuss the most recent research in the area of basal regulation of blood flow and angiogenesis in skeletal muscle and the role of lifestyle related disease and physical training. » Read more

  • 15 November 2018,

    Save the Date: CFAS international symposium on "Exercise as medicine"

    More information on program and registration willl follow soon. » Read more

  • 27 November 2018, 08:00-18:00

    NNF Symposia: Protein–Membrane Costructures: Structure, Function and Targeting

    The aim of this symposium is to bring together the most outstanding researchers working in the fields of lipid biophysics and lipid biology, structural biology and lipidomics in health and disease. » Read more